Batiste 2 in 1: Dry Shampoo Disaster!

Everyone’s go to dry shampoo brand Batiste have recently launched their new 2 in 1 Invisible Dry Shampoo and Conditioner, which claims to ‘target oily roots and dry ends’. This product retails at £4.49, just under double the price of the Original Batiste Dry Shampoo.


As regular dry shampoo can leave hair feeling dry, gritty and powdery, I thought that this could be the perfect solution. This product comes in three different fragrances; Orange and Pomegranate, Vanilla and Passionflower and Cocoa and Cashmere (which I was obviously drawn to; if you read my last post then you know my love for cocoa butter). The cocoa and cashmere scent smells extremely sophisticated. It smells so good that I think I am addicted to the smell, I always take the cap off just to smell it! Perfect right?….No!

I woke up for work with 2nd day hair; it didn’t desperately need washing but I just wanted to freshen it up a little bit, as I had this new dry shampoo to try any way I thought why not?, so I reached for this divinely scented product…big mistake! After using the so called “dry shampoo” I looked like I hadn’t showered in a week!!! Although it didn’t make my hair feel any greasier, it was just SOOO shiny which left it looking greasy! Who wants to remove oil by adding more oils?!? As I was now in a hurry for work I had no other choice than to put loose face powder in my hair to try and tone down the shine and make my hair look relatively normal again! Needless to say I turned up to work that day looking like a mess, embarrassed and with very low self-confidence.

The ONLY way that this product could be used is as a shine spray if you have extremely dry, dull hair and need a lot of shine to be brought back to it. This should not be marketed as a dry shampoo under any stretch of the imagination! This is so frustrating as the smell of this product is AMAZING! Sometimes I spray it on my skin just for the scent!

This was just a little extra post for you as I had some spare time and I wanted to warn you about this product. Friday’s post is going to be my review of the new Wayne Goss eye brush set!

Huda Beauty Liquid Matte Lipsticks

If you have an Instagram account and you are a makeup fiend like me, you will undoubtedly have come across Huda Beauty’s Liquid Matte lipsticks. There are 16 shades in total (excluding the Special Effects and Nude Love collections). The lipsticks retail for £18.00 a piece, however I took advantage of Harrods 10% off day for rewards members, back in May, and signed up to their loyalty scheme. So as I was getting 10% off these lipsticks and I am naturally an excessive creature I bought 5 of these lipsticks that I had never tried before; keep reading to see whether it was worth the splurge. With 10% off these lipsticks were £16.20 a piece, and I had to pay a further £5.95 for shipping, which meant that my order total came to £86.95!



These liquid lipsticks are marketed as “non-drying”, however many of you that have tried other liquid lipsticks before may already know that formulas often leave you with dry, chapped lips, and often exaggerates the look of lines on the lips.

However, these liquid lipsticks live up to their claim of being non-drying, as after wearing them all day my lips did not feel any drier than wearing any other normal matte lipstick. The formula is VERY runny and if you are not careful these lipsticks can spill very easily as I found out when I accidentally spilled one of them on my jeans and they are now stained! The lipsticks have a standard doe foot applicator, however I personally struggle to get a good shape with these lipsticks but that may be a problem with me rather than the lipsticks.

These lipsticks have a delicious vanillary, cake like scent, which I love. They leave a tacky feeling on the lips, which is comfortable to wear, despite looking completely matte. These lipsticks do claim to be non-transferable however I do find that there is a slight bit of transfer the first few times you have a drink or something. The majority of the lipsticks are opaque in just one swipe, however some of the darker colours such as Flirt need more than one coat to look completely opaque, and other reviews have expressed similar thoughts about the shade material girl.

Trophy Wife
These lipsticks can provide a solid six hours of wear (including drinking) with it looking as good as it did when freshly applied however they didn’t stay on after eating. Having said this they do layer pretty well: making touch ups, after you eat, easy.

I personally really like these lipsticks and I am definitely interested in buying more shades in the future. Although I feel that they can look a bit out of place if I don’t wear a full face of makeup with them (making them perfect for a night out). I understand that these lipsticks are pricey, so if you’re not ready to make the splurge on the full size product; Huda Beauty does offer a set of 4 minis of this product for the price of £33.00, which I think is a great way to try the product and a selection of the colours without splurging on the full sizes and wasting a ton of money. If you are not already familiar with Huda’sYouTube channel and Instagram page, you should definitely check it our for her makeup tips! Comment below if you would like to see a review of any of the other products in Huda’s line (I am dying to get my hand on the Rose Gold eyeshadow palette).

Check back on Thursday to see my Glossybox unboxing and review!

Wayne Goss The Eye Set

The new Wayne Goss eye set has just launched, and having been a follower of Wayne for many years, I decided to bite the bullet and shell out a pretty penny for this brush set. I have been wanting to try Wayne’s brushes for a while now but I have never been able to justify spending this amount of money on brushes. But as I’ve been working an awful lot this month, I decided to go for it and treat myself. Eyeshadow brushes are my biggest weakness; I cannot help but want to buy them all, so as this is Wayne’s new and improved eye set I just HAD to have it!


Wayne’s brushes can only be purchased from and they retail for 130 US Dollars with free shipping. However, because I live in the UK I had to pay a further $26 for customs fees (which is hassle free as beautylish calculates this for you and you pay for this at the checkout stage as well, meaning no delays on your order). I personally found the whole process a bit frustrating as at no point during the checkout stage can you find out the price in pounds; therefore I was oblivious to how much money would be taken from my account before it was already taken. In total these brushes (including customs fees) cost me £120.89 plus a further £4.82 charged from my bank provider for making an international purchase. I personally find it quite upsetting that in the UK we have to pay more for this product due to customs fees, particularly as Wayne is a fellow Brit himself.

Based on these brushes costing me around £125 for a set of 5 brushes: each brush costs £25 a piece, which is pretty pricey (an understatement!) for an eye brush.

These brushes came packaged wrapped in black and white polka dot tissue paper inside a cardboard coated tin, which then came inside a fabric beautylish pouch. This meant that the brushes were well protected during shipping, however for the price point I was expecting the packaging to be a bit more luxurious. Having said this, it’s not really a big deal to me as I didn’t buy the product for the packaging and a lot of people would just throw the packaging out anyway. Inside the tin there was also a card which tells you how to look after your new brushes, which I thought was a nice touch as after you’ve spent that amount of money on brushes you would want them to last a VERY long time.

The brushes themselves look very sleek with black handles and white lettering that says ‘wayne goss’ and the number of the brush, black ferrules, and pure white bristles. In this brush set 4 out of 5 brushes have a very similar shape, although they differ in size; this is because Wayne believes that essentially ALL you really need to do a complete eye look is one brush: the crease brush! You can hear him talk about this in this video. I am inclined to agree with him as these are the brushes that I reach for the most when doing any eye look. However, no other brushes that I own are as tapered and as soft as these brushes, making them my new go to brushes! Although, I personally like to have one other brush to complete my look: a flat shader brush for really intense pigment on the lid, brush number 18 in this set provides me with a good alternative. It is thicker, fluffier and more tapered than a flat shader brush but provides similar results, but the eyeshadow will be blended as you go which means no harsh lines!


The softness of the bristles mean that these brushes pick up the perfect amount of product; making blending even the stiffest of eyeshadows a dream. These brushes are made with natural bristles (goat hair, I believe), but they are cruelty free (animals are brushed for their furs), so if this is something that is important to you please keep this in mind. My biggest concern with these brushes is that because the bristles are such a pure white I worry that they may stain when used with darker pigments, however it is too early to tell.

Overall, I think that the brushes themselves are amazing and I cannot find fault with them (so far). Although, I feel that these brushes should be stocked with a UK retailer, and the packaging could be improved; Wayne did a brilliant job in making these brushes. If you don’t already follow Wayne you should definitely checkout his youtube channel.


Lush Silky Underwear: is it worth it?

If you’ve ever stepped into Lush and found yourself talking to a member of their staff, you will understand how much they hype this product: Silky Underwear. Bearing in mind that this product costs £5.95 for only 60 grams of product, you would expect it to be pretty amazing. Is it really worth the hype and the price?


So, Lush claims that this is a moisturising powder that should be dusted onto dry skin after a bath or a shower. When I bought this product I was dubious as to whether a powder could be moisturising, however I was hopeful that the grated cocoa butter inside would prove me wrong; sadly, I did not find this powder moisturising at all. This powder is designed to ‘give skin a silky feel’, this is one claim that the product lives up to, this is because once applied to the skin there is a powdery residue left on the surface of the skin. I personally did not like this, as it makes the product very messy as it transfers onto all of my clothes, which is annoying.

 This product does have an amazing scent, it has a delicate jasmine and cocoa butter fragrance, although I find that the cocoa butter does overpower the scent of jasmine; which I personally prefer as I LOVE the scent of cocoa butter (in fact the butterball, which is pretty much all cocoa butter, is my all time favourite lush product). However, the scent doesn’t last more than around an hour on my skin, so for me this doesn’t influence my opinion on the product. 

This item is the perfect size to keep in a gym bag if you are on the go and don’t have time to immediately shower after the gym but want to freshen up a bit. This is also great to use as a dry shampoo as it massages into the hair easily and has a pleasant scent. I think I will keep this mainly as dry shampoo as the new Batiste dry shampoo I bought turned out to be a complete disaster (let me know in the comments if you would like to know more).


Although this is a nice product, it’s not great; this is essentially an over-hyped, overpriced talcum powder, which you could buy for half of the price and get nearly 10x the amount of product. However, if you really hate the smell of baby powder and are willing to pay the extra cash, this would be a nice alternative and you would probably really like this product. But for the price point I would have expected more from Lush.

Please let me know in the comments below what you thought of my first blog post and what you would like to see next.