If you’ve ever stepped into Lush and found yourself talking to a member of their staff, you will understand how much they hype this product: Silky Underwear. Bearing in mind that this product costs £5.95 for only 60 grams of product, you would expect it to be pretty amazing. Is it really worth the hype and the price?


So, Lush claims that this is a moisturising powder that should be dusted onto dry skin after a bath or a shower. When I bought this product I was dubious as to whether a powder could be moisturising, however I was hopeful that the grated cocoa butter inside would prove me wrong; sadly, I did not find this powder moisturising at all. This powder is designed to ‘give skin a silky feel’, this is one claim that the product lives up to, this is because once applied to the skin there is a powdery residue left on the surface of the skin. I personally did not like this, as it makes the product very messy as it transfers onto all of my clothes, which is annoying.

 This product does have an amazing scent, it has a delicate jasmine and cocoa butter fragrance, although I find that the cocoa butter does overpower the scent of jasmine; which I personally prefer as I LOVE the scent of cocoa butter (in fact the butterball, which is pretty much all cocoa butter, is my all time favourite lush product). However, the scent doesn’t last more than around an hour on my skin, so for me this doesn’t influence my opinion on the product. 

This item is the perfect size to keep in a gym bag if you are on the go and don’t have time to immediately shower after the gym but want to freshen up a bit. This is also great to use as a dry shampoo as it massages into the hair easily and has a pleasant scent. I think I will keep this mainly as dry shampoo as the new Batiste dry shampoo I bought turned out to be a complete disaster (let me know in the comments if you would like to know more).


Although this is a nice product, it’s not great; this is essentially an over-hyped, overpriced talcum powder, which you could buy for half of the price and get nearly 10x the amount of product. However, if you really hate the smell of baby powder and are willing to pay the extra cash, this would be a nice alternative and you would probably really like this product. But for the price point I would have expected more from Lush.

Please let me know in the comments below what you thought of my first blog post and what you would like to see next.

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