Everyone’s go to dry shampoo brand Batiste have recently launched their new 2 in 1 Invisible Dry Shampoo and Conditioner, which claims to ‘target oily roots and dry ends’. This product retails at £4.49, just under double the price of the Original Batiste Dry Shampoo.


As regular dry shampoo can leave hair feeling dry, gritty and powdery, I thought that this could be the perfect solution. This product comes in three different fragrances; Orange and Pomegranate, Vanilla and Passionflower and Cocoa and Cashmere (which I was obviously drawn to; if you read my last post then you know my love for cocoa butter). The cocoa and cashmere scent smells extremely sophisticated. It smells so good that I think I am addicted to the smell, I always take the cap off just to smell it! Perfect right?….No!

I woke up for work with 2nd day hair; it didn’t desperately need washing but I just wanted to freshen it up a little bit, as I had this new dry shampoo to try any way I thought why not?, so I reached for this divinely scented product…big mistake! After using the so called “dry shampoo” I looked like I hadn’t showered in a week!!! Although it didn’t make my hair feel any greasier, it was just SOOO shiny which left it looking greasy! Who wants to remove oil by adding more oils?!? As I was now in a hurry for work I had no other choice than to put loose face powder in my hair to try and tone down the shine and make my hair look relatively normal again! Needless to say I turned up to work that day looking like a mess, embarrassed and with very low self-confidence.

The ONLY way that this product could be used is as a shine spray if you have extremely dry, dull hair and need a lot of shine to be brought back to it. This should not be marketed as a dry shampoo under any stretch of the imagination! This is so frustrating as the smell of this product is AMAZING! Sometimes I spray it on my skin just for the scent!

This was just a little extra post for you as I had some spare time and I wanted to warn you about this product. Friday’s post is going to be my review of the new Wayne Goss eye brush set!

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