If you have an Instagram account and you are a makeup fiend like me, you will undoubtedly have come across Huda Beauty’s Liquid Matte lipsticks. There are 16 shades in total (excluding the Special Effects and Nude Love collections). The lipsticks retail for £18.00 a piece, however I took advantage of Harrods 10% off day for rewards members, back in May, and signed up to their loyalty scheme. So as I was getting 10% off these lipsticks and I am naturally an excessive creature I bought 5 of these lipsticks that I had never tried before; keep reading to see whether it was worth the splurge. With 10% off these lipsticks were £16.20 a piece, and I had to pay a further £5.95 for shipping, which meant that my order total came to £86.95!



These liquid lipsticks are marketed as “non-drying”, however many of you that have tried other liquid lipsticks before may already know that formulas often leave you with dry, chapped lips, and often exaggerates the look of lines on the lips.

However, these liquid lipsticks live up to their claim of being non-drying, as after wearing them all day my lips did not feel any drier than wearing any other normal matte lipstick. The formula is VERY runny and if you are not careful these lipsticks can spill very easily as I found out when I accidentally spilled one of them on my jeans and they are now stained! The lipsticks have a standard doe foot applicator, however I personally struggle to get a good shape with these lipsticks but that may be a problem with me rather than the lipsticks.

These lipsticks have a delicious vanillary, cake like scent, which I love. They leave a tacky feeling on the lips, which is comfortable to wear, despite looking completely matte. These lipsticks do claim to be non-transferable however I do find that there is a slight bit of transfer the first few times you have a drink or something. The majority of the lipsticks are opaque in just one swipe, however some of the darker colours such as Flirt need more than one coat to look completely opaque, and other reviews have expressed similar thoughts about the shade material girl.

Trophy Wife
These lipsticks can provide a solid six hours of wear (including drinking) with it looking as good as it did when freshly applied however they didn’t stay on after eating. Having said this they do layer pretty well: making touch ups, after you eat, easy.

I personally really like these lipsticks and I am definitely interested in buying more shades in the future. Although I feel that they can look a bit out of place if I don’t wear a full face of makeup with them (making them perfect for a night out). I understand that these lipsticks are pricey, so if you’re not ready to make the splurge on the full size product; Huda Beauty does offer a set of 4 minis of this product for the price of £33.00, which I think is a great way to try the product and a selection of the colours without splurging on the full sizes and wasting a ton of money. If you are not already familiar with Huda’sYouTube channel and Instagram page, you should definitely check it our for her makeup tips! Comment below if you would like to see a review of any of the other products in Huda’s line (I am dying to get my hand on the Rose Gold eyeshadow palette).

Check back on Thursday to see my Glossybox unboxing and review!

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